Amy Winehouse (Full) Live At Glastonbury Festival 2008

Adorable Photography Project: Feet First

Tom is an English photographer that, along with his wife, has traveled beautiful places around the world. From these trips the Feet First project was born (but it didn’t stop there). Here you’ll see some amazing pictures of their trips, but the best is for last, and it’s quite heart-warming surprise. I’ll leave that for you to find out. For the complete project set you should really visit Tom’s portfolio. It’s totally worth the visit. I hope you enjoy and find these as adorable as I did. Cheers. ;)

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Portrait Illustrations by Joshua Miels

Joshua Miels is a contemporary portrait artist based in South Australia. He likes to use tradition illustrations with modern techniques. Josh is always looking to push the envelope on what is art, and how it’s produced. With the use of his handy felt tip pen, hundreds of hand painted layers and the advancements of the digital age, Josh is able to achieve original artworks that have a genuine contemporary street feel. Focusing predominately on portraits, Josh looks to capture the vulnerability of people and the emotions that people try to hind from others.

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Bat For Lashes Glastonbury 2009


Flesh Love: Photographs of Vacuum-Wrapped Tokyo Couples by Haruhiko Kawaguchi

Impressive photo series by Haruhiko Kawaguchi.

For this project, Flesh Love, Haruhiko Kawaguchi photographed over 80 couples he met in night clubs. They were arranged inside bags meant to store blankets and he then sealed their bodies inside the bag!

Kawaguchi says the men panic more often than the women. A few have struggled for air while in the bag and one man ended up pissing himself. The women just want to look good, he says.

So, would you have yourself wrapped in a vacuumed plastic bag, in order to have your love immortalized on a Tokyo kitchen floor?

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